HX-669 One-component aqueous foaming agent

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500 Barrel/Barrels per Day
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HX - 669 water-based polyurethane injection grout

Water-soluble polyurethane grouting materials

A, product introduction

"Red letter" one-component water soluble polyurethane chemical grouting material is composed of hydrophilic polyether polyols and isocyanates reaction of end containing isocyanate foundations of a kind of high polymer chemical grouting material. Chemical reaction occurred after the materials in the water, forming elastic colloidal concretion body, so as to achieve good water stop purpose, is a new type of waterproof plugging high pressure grouting material.

Second, the product features

1, the slurry water after dispersion, emulsification, foaming, chemical reaction, immediately formed impervious elastic colloidal concretion body, good waterproof performance.

2, after the formation of the elastic colloidal concretion body good extensibility, flexibility and penetration resistance, low temperature resistance, remain permanently in the water.

3, low viscosity after mixed with water, can be good, concretion body soaked in water is harmless to the human body, non-toxic, non-polluting.

4, elastic body material slurry reaction in water to form at the same time, the release of CO2 gas, with the aid of gas pressure, slurry can be pressed into the gaps between the structure and further make the porous structure and formation can be completely filling compact. Has the characteristics of the secondary infiltration.

5, serous dilatability, package quantity is big, has good hydrophilicity and irrigation can be, at the same time of slurry viscosity, curing speed can be adjusted according to need.

Third, technical indicators

Serial number test project indicators

The density of 1 / (g/cm3) 1.00 or higher

2 viscosity/mPa. S $1000 or less

3 gel time a/s 300 or less

4 the water expansion rate / % 20 or more

5 bags of water/(s, 10 times of water) 300 or higher

6 no volatile content / % 75 or higher

7 foaming rate / % 350 or higher

Note: a gel time can be customized according to customer requirements. B coagulation time can be customized according to customer requirements;

Fourth, use range

1, all kinds of buildings and underground crack, expansion joints, constr

uction joints of concrete engineering, structural joint leak sealing.

2, geological drilling engineering drilling plugging reinforcing and protecting.

3, water conservancy and hydropower engineering of reservoir dam grouting, the water conveyance tunnel fracture plugging, seepage control, seepage control of dam concrete crack reinforcement.

4, high-rise buildings, railway and highway subgrade reinforcement and stability.

5, coal mining, or other water plugging in tunnels in the mining engineering, such as broken roof layers of reinforcement.

6, bridge foundation reinforcement and reinforcement of bridge cracks.

7, deformation of the structure of the reinforcement, concrete structures, such as water tower, the reinforcement of aperture and prevent subsidence pool.

8, soil improvement, soil protection and stability on the surface of the reinforcement, etc.

Fifth, security considerations when using

1, the construction, wear protective appliances (such as gloves, goggles), avoid direct contact with the skin, such as contamination should be rinse with water.

2, this product is a solvent materials, must pay attention to during the construction of ventilation and away from the fire. Material before curing, shall not use open flame around the construction area.

3, the machine immediately after use with detergent to wash clean.


Six, packaging and the period of validity

1, USES the iron drum packing, net weight for 10 kg, 20 kg, also can change the packing according to the needs of users.

2, the period of validity: stored in dry place, shelf life for the six months since the date of the production.

3, transport shall not collision, direct sun, rain, prevent the fireworks.



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Shanghai red letter insulation waterproof material co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research, production, sales and construction in the integration of science and technology building materials enterprises, was founded in 1997. The main production and sales "HX" brand high pressure filling machine, water stop needles, polyurethane foaming water-stop, waterproof, plugging materials and other products